How Tinder has Changed the Way We Met

There is little doubt about the impact of Tinder and related sites. They have made a remarkable difference in how people are meeting for dates. While it can be said that online dating apps in general have changed the way people think about dating. Tinder has introduced a new concept that has made a powerful impact on how people approach the dating scene.

With Tinder, it seems that nothing really matters unless you want it to be so. In other words, Tinder has helped introduce a disassociation in emotions because the entire process of dating has speeded up. In fact, it has speeded up to the point where people are now making decisions faster than their emotions can inform them. The reaction by some is that Tinder is making people more robotic about their decisions of who to date.

Dating as a Game

In fact, the speeding up of the decision process has for many Millennials turned the online dating process into a type of game that requires a fast decision. This is especially true thanks to the yes/no nature of the app itself where "maybe" is no longer a viable option.

Because of the nature of Tinder, it makes the entire dating process less confrontation which may be desirable. But also less emotional, which leads to the trap of reducing everything to a process that may be repeated endlessly, much like a game.

It is this simplification that has unfortunately led many Millennials down the wrong path of what dating intends. While Tinder has managed to generate considerable popularity and the result have brought many people together. The result for many is less satisfaction than if they had never been on Tinder at all.

How to Change the Tinder Game

The good news is that Tinder itself is not really the issue, but instead how people have used Tinder and its alternatives to take the meaning out of dating. By removing emotion Tinder has managed to subvert what it means to really connect with people. Instead, too many have fallen into the trap by focusing on the process of dating and getting nothing out of it instead of reaching out emotionally to get a response.

Admittedly, online dating is still quite new in the human experience. So it is expected that trends will need time to work themselves out. What Tinder and its alternatives have managed to do seem on the surface to provide some unexpected results which have yet to smooth themselves out. However, the platforms that have been created are more efficient and arguably better than what has been seen before. It's just that people have yet to have time to adjust and not the other way around.

The key is that people should dive more into Tinder and its alternatives, but allow room for emotions to play a role after you have experienced your first date. By reintroducing the emotional component, you can get the most out of the dating apps without having the experience reduced to a robotic result.