Tinder First Date Etiquette

The Tinder dating app is arguably the easiest way to hook-up with people who catch your attention, assuming of course that you play your cards right. While Tinder is viewed by many as a place to go for some casual fun, the reality is that you probably shouldn't expect to score every time you create a match on the app.

Someone who seem cool an sexy on the app may be the furthest thing from that in real life, which is why a date or two before getting down to business is usually a good idea. Much like in traditional dating, there is some first date etiquette on Tinder to adhere to, which we will talk about here.

Who Should Bring Up The Idea Of A Date?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the world of online dating is about who should bring up the idea of a date. There really is not hard and fast rule here, but you are going to find that a lot of women still go the old-fashioned route in deferring to the man to ask. There is actually another reason for this, and it is that women who ask men out may mistakenly be perceived as willing to hit the bedroom on the first date. If you are a guy who has just been asked out by a woman on Tinder, do not assume that she is ready to get between the sheets.

Who Should Pay On A Date?

In many cases, the person who initiates the first date will be expected to pay, but that need not be a hard and fast rule. It's perfectly fine to go Dutch for a couple of reasons. The first of those reasons is that women may not want to feel as though they owe you something just because you bought dinner. Men sometimes like to go Dutch, too, not because they are cheap, but rather because there are some women on Tinder who are only there to grab as many free meals as possible. Who pays is something that should be discussed before you meet.

Know The Person You Are Meeting

When you are on your first date, actually take some time to get to know the person you are meeting. Even if you are certain that the whole thing is going to end with a hook-up, at least try and get to know them a little. It's also a good idea to meet in a public place first before heading to your apartment. Someone who arrives at the date with the idea of having sex may change their mind at any given time, and there is a lot less pressure to do so when you are at a bar or restaurant.

Dress For Success

Dress for success when you go on your date, as that will show the person that you are meeting that you are taking the whole thing seriously. Plus, if you shoe up looking like a slob, it could prove to be a se deal-breaker. The same rules apply with your home or apartment. Even if there is only a remote possibility that your date might end up there, clean up and have it looking good for your guest.