Tinder Adds Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Options

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the country and has committed to making sure that the app is useful for everyone regardless of your identity and your attraction to a partner. We are living through a cultural shift where alternative lifestyles and self-identifiers are becoming more accepted by the population at large. By providing more identifiers and sexual orientation options, Tinder allows itself to grow its market base of users because now on Tinder there will be something for everyone.

Tinder Adds Sexual Orientation

Tinder Partnered with the advocacy group GLAAD to make this happen

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) partnered with Tinder in an effort to make the dating app as inclusive as possible. Now, whenever a Tinder user sets up a new profile or looks to expand upon their current one, it is as simple as updating your photos or mile radius. You can now go into your profile editor and select up to three terms that best describe your orientation.

Tinder and GLAAD recognize that sexual orientation is a spectrum and that by broadening the terms and selecting multiple you can best describe how you feel and identify. These descriptions can be public or private to best protect the users privacy. While attitudes are changing, the companies have given users the option to remain private as a way to protect themselves from harassment on the app and elsewhere online.

Setting up your profile is now more inclusive as well

Not only has Tinder made your profile more inclusive, but now when you start your profile you have more options to start seeing the best matches for you as soon as you download the app. When creating a profile you are asked your sexual orientation and then you are asked when creating your discovery preferences, you are asked if you would like to see users first that match your orientation. Getting your profile out to the users you most want to connect with will help establish the community and make all of the users feel seen and be able to find the people most important to them.

The discovery preferences are both for the user to find someone to swipe right or left on as well as where your profile appears to different users to render a judgment on. By prioritizing these profiles it ensures that the beginning of the user experience is a good one for any new user who has just downloaded the app or seeks to make better connections through it.

Possible future collaborations down the road?

Tinder and GLAAD have expressed that they are going to continue to work together to continue their work in making the app as friendly as possible for users of all sexual orientations. The company is going to continue its efforts for the foreseeable future and is working on bringing these essential tools to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand throughout June.