Grindr for Straight People - Top 10 Straight Hookup Apps

Definition of dating has changed and online websites and apps have a great role to play into it! Online dating app like Grindr which is launched to help people in finding casual hook-ups; one night flings, gay dating and so on! But somewhere straight hookup apps for men and women still has its own charm. And there are various websites like Grindr for straight people which allow you to open up and find an ideal match for yourself.

'Dating' isn't the right word anymore as this online world is much more than that! It is a world which is free to judgement so dug yourself up and carves out your real image and desires. Here are some of the best straight hookup apps which can help you in making it possible!

#1 AdultFriendFinder

Score: 9.9/10 -

Editor's Top Pick - No.1 Straight Hookup App

This website is focused towards arranging sexual encounters for those who are straight and looking for a casual hookup. You must have heard of this website in several other forms of hook-ups, but it is perfect to hop on if you are straight and want to have a shot! Some of the key features of this hookup site include finding a mate for sex hookup, live nude camera chat, sex dating advice and blogs of members who are devoted to sex!

Furthermore, it gives you access to thriving sex community and plethora of options for search, discovery, communication and cybersex! So if you are ready to laid down then do the same at AdultFriendFinder. This website gives access to all the dating options which you will find on other dating websites along with dozens of extra tools to make your search and online dating experience more sexual, interactive and pleasurable. It is perfect spot to indulge into wild and playful sexual imagination!

#2 GrindrStraight

Score: 9.6/10 -

Recommended Option - Best for Casual Sex

Grindr for Straight People is one of the best online platforms to hook up, enjoy sex dating and chat with the mates round-the-clock. Registration is free and this dating site can be accessed from any device. This is the ideal place for people with similar passions to meet and develop partnerships. This website provides numerous options to the users to choose their dating partners. The website has the algorithm that facilitates people to identify their right partners. The majority of those who are members of this website are of the firm opinion that the partner one gets here is hotter and exceeds the expectation.

This dating site offers enough means to find out the dating partner from the comfort of one's home. And the selection will be from a large crowd of potential mates. The users of this dating site are able to satisfy all their desires and they get the opportunity to enjoy all types of pleasures. Initially both the partners can comfortably have their conversation by messaging and texting. When they are out of the shy feelings, they can start meeting face to face.

#3 AshleyMadison

Score: 6.5/10 -

'Life is short. Have an affair!' This is the first tagline which you get to see when you open this website. The website claims to have more than 57 million members. And thus offers you a great pool of people to hook up! AshleyMadison is for all age groups and all genders. And thus you can connect here if you are looking out for an extra marital affair or a normal affair with someone you like! The sole motto of everyone who connects here is to seek real and discreet connection. And in that case status, age, wealth and other materialistic factors take a back seat!

AshleyMadison is just more than an affair hookup app for straight People who want to keep their personal and professional relationships different but want to have fulfilling and enjoyable experience. This hookup app doesn't allow you to interlink your account with any other social networking sites rather encourages you to use a private email address to maintain independence and secrecy. 

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#4 Tinder

Score: 8.9/10 -

Tinder is the godfather of online dating! One straight hookup app which just doesn't require any sort of introduction is Tinder. It actually laid the foundation stone of online dating and initiated this concept of finding an ideal match online. Tinder is the right spot if you are looking for casual or serious relationships, it offers more features than Grindr.

Easiest user interface where you just have to swipe right to like someone and left to pass! Tinder allows you to build an interactive profile for your potential partner and if he/she too swipes right then voila! You both get a notification when someone swipes you right (you are Mr/Miss Right) along with information of mutual friends if any by linking your account with Facebook. This means you get a chance to know that person through your offline circle too! So keep on swiping and chat with only those you've matched! If you are looking for just casual hookup then you may mention it in your profile. And tinder's algorithm will match you with like-minded people.

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#5 Bumble

Score: 8.2/10 -

This is little different app as it not only focuses on sexual or dating hook-ups rather helps you in building your social network. So if you want to make empowered connections for dating, meeting friends or growing your social network then this is the app will help you make it. Just like the name, this website is very interactive and innovative. The interface is very thoughtful and colorful and when you browse through Bumble, it feels as if you are browsing through a corporate website!

This app allows participating in public forums on dating and expressing your views for benefit of all! The point worth mentioning here is that Bumble has unprecedented standards for respectful behavior. And its tagline also states that 'Things can change when women are in control'! This app is grounded in positivity and encouragement and in straight and heterosexual matches; it allows 24 hours to women to make the first move before the window for men opens up! Isn't it so cool, women?

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#6 Badoo

Score: 8.0/10 -

With its branches spread over in 180 countries and 25 languages. Badoo is a hookup app which is growing and expanding with every new day! As with other dating sites, most of the Badoo's functionalities are free to use! You may sign up, get started, upload bunch of photos, build an impressive profile and initiate conversations! Integration with Facebook really makes it quick and simple to sign up. You as a member have full freedom to participate actively or passively in various functionalities of this website.

You may create a personal list of your favorite members (sort of your friend list) with whom you want to share the stuff. And you can also choose to buy paid upgrade for more features. But the app offers wide features in its basic and free package and you can upgrade anytime later or don't do it all! The key feature of this app lies in its easy user interface as it quite easy to navigate and search for options when you are browsing at Badoo!

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#7 Down

Score: 7.5/10 -

If you think it's your time to get down in love then this straight hookup app is for you! All you have to do is to register yourself to get started and select sexy people. But they will get to know that you shortlisted them only after they shortlist you too! So privacy is of utmost concern and makers of this app have taken care of this fact! The app only helps you to connect (like a common root) and then later on you can grow the branches of your relation!

With Down, you might not know but Love & Fun are closer than you think. It allows you to connect with local singles that are looking for people like you and make most of their time and life. With a registered user base of 4 million members, Down helps you in getting down with sexy singles near you! If you are just looking for casual hookup or fast date then say GET DOWN and if you want something serious then say 'GET DATE'! Down gives you an honest way to date!

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#8 Happn

Score: 7.2/10 -

You never love intentionally, it just happens! This is a very basic adage which is associated with love and Happn follows the same! You cross paths with so many people at street, café, work or at party but you can't really talk or interact with all of them! Happn gives you a golden chance to meet those people like Grindr.

Every time you cross paths with any other registered member on Happn, you will receive a notification and their profile will show up. You can go through the profile and secretly send a like by pressing the heart button. They would find it only if interest is mutual. This doesn't mean that you can't really express yourself until interests are mutual. Happn allows you to charm the other person with whatever means you like, so you can express your strong liking! It gives you a chance to engage in exciting and interesting conversations.

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#9 Okcupid

Score: 7.0/10 -

One of the hookup apps which give you substance is Okcupid. They don't give you a standard form to fill out for your profile info, rather believe in asking some interesting questions and build your profile on who you actually are and not who you think you are! The answers you provide help the algorithm to find a suitable match for you and connect smoothly. Free registration and fairly easy user interface. OkCupid offers great encouragement and pats your back and appreciates your small acts as well!

Just for instance, if your password is very strong then it simply appreciates it by saying 'Best password ever'! You can subscribe for upgraded version of this website and get access to advanced search option, invisible browsing and much more! But apart from functionality, it is a perfect site if you want to see friendship and enemy compatibility with anyone!

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#10 Pure

Score: 6.1/10 -

Pure is a very popular straight hookup app like Grindr for Straight People. This app is the favorite online dating platform for thousands of singles who have passion for casual hookup.

This website provides user-friendly provisions for chatting and these chatting features are interactive. Girls, boys, men and women – start chatting and dating with their partners on this app. And you are able to successfully take the partnership up to the level of casual sex and longstanding relationships.

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