Rules for Dating in the 21st Century

In the 21st century dating online is the way to go. The lifestyle we have adopted is so fast that we don't have time for social interaction. We can earn all the money we want but we don't have the time to meet the person we can make love to. Well the good news is its not so bad in the 21st century, we have the online dating and forums where we can find out loved ones. Once you've made a profile on a dating website you should keep a couple of things in mind. They are as follows:

Get a good profile picture

You don't want to be that boring dude or woman who puts up his passport picture with a blue background on your dating profile. You might want to put up your best picture because this is the way to go. People dating online are very judgmental and they will judge you by your picture. If you look like a 10 in your pictures they will consider you a 7 or an 8. So you better put up your best picture online so that you get better responses.

Women should put up pictures in their best attire and poses. Try not to look fat or ugly. Men are rude and they don't like to date women who are not so pretty. Although dating depends more the personality at later stages but earlier on looks are the main things which count. As they say first impression is the last impression they are right. Your profile picture has a huge impact on your dating prospects. If you have a picture on a beach or on a mountain and you have a smile or you look hot, you will get more and better responses.

Don't be a braggart

Try not to brag too much about your life or the money you have as it annoys people. Most people are not as stupid as you think. Sooner or later people will find out your reality and you may ruin your reputation and dating future by boasting too much about your new expensive car. With showing off so much there are chances you will end up with a gold digger. A gold digger will only suck off your money like a leech suck out bloods from your body. You don't want end up lonely when your money ends. Don't brag too much about your new expensive shoes and the new bag you got from the prada outlet. No one likes those kinds of behaviors.

Be friendly and interesting

No one like to be with someone who is rude or dull. Chances are if you are dull or don't have anything good to say you will be left on your own. People like to spend their time with colorful people. If you have good things to tell or jokes then please share as this will encourage the other person and you will end up having a good relation with them.

Try to be romantic and give pleasant compliments. Don't hit too hard on her man. Hitting too hard can also push away your potential hookup. You want pull the other person closer. You don't want to draw the other person away from you. Put that charming cloak on and cast a spell on the other person with your wit, humor and all your compassion.

Be clear with what you want

After you have established a good friendship and bond, you may want to ask her out. Because as time passes by and you don't ask her out or don't tell her your intentions, chances are she will start putting you in the friend-zoned category. You want to show her that you are the alpha man she is looking for. You can state her your desires and tell her what you have for her in your heart. If you she says no to you don't be clingy that will make u lose your charm and make you look needy. Be clear with what you want!