Paid or Free Dating Apps – Which One Is Better

Have you ever stumbled upon a dating app that asked for a payment? Ridiculous or rational; doesn't matter as long as your purpose is being served. Right? But how does paying or not paying makes a difference in your dating experience on a website or an app? Well, the real question is obviously this one. Almost every other dating site or app charges an average of $40 per month from its consumers to set them up with their kind of people.

All the famous sites and apps like Tinder, eHarmony and Okcupid have been making money through the dating business. According to a survey held in the year 2016, surprisingly about half of the people who joined dating websites went for a paid dating site i.e., instead of the other ones. Well, the difference lies in the value and overall satisfaction of the customers. Let's see how Paid dating apps can change your outlook towards online dating, and help you end with a really good date!

Better response rates from a paid dating apps

Well obviously if you are paying then there must be an added value to the service you are receiving. It has been tried and tested through several analysis that there is a stark difference between the search results achieved through a paid app and a free one. You are more likely to get a response to a message sent to someone quickly when you are using a paid app. However, if you are using a free dating app then there are higher chances that your message will never get a response. Moreover, out of all the successfully responded messages, nearly half of them finally end up in a date while you're using a paid dating app/site.

You will meet serious ones through paid dating apps

If someone is paying for dating, then they must be serious about finding someone, therefore, you are more likely to find a good and serious date through a paid dating app. No one spends their hard-earned bucks on playing around and joking with other people. Paid dating apps are for serious and mature people.

You Get What You Pay For

If you want quality and better dating choices, then paid dating sites/apps are the way to go. You will land on more attractive profiles and meet several men/women with whom you share common interests. Hence what's the harm in paying a few bucks every month if you are getting quality matches for yourself? Whether it's the causal romance you are seeking or you're looking for a serious relationship, paid online dating apps can help you. No matter what your intentions are, you will get what you pay for.

Exclusive Subscriptions and Offers

When you are using a paid dating app, then it's highly likely that you'll be rewarded by the site for your active dating profile. In return of the subscription fee, you might get better and more suited dating options for yourself. This is because quality does come at a certain price. However, you obviously will have to renew your account through the subscription fee every month or year.

An overall better experience and satisfaction

Paid dating apps cannot work without its active customers and therefore they try their best to satisfy their customers. The paid online dating apps keep striving for new client conversions and for delivering better quality service to its already paying members. Hence if you are paying then you are guaranteed to get the best online dating experience possible. This is because paid online dating apps are a kind of subscription-based businesses. They are dependent on reviews, feedbacks, ratings and renewals by their regular customers. And obviously these paid apps know how to treat their customers right and keep them hooked with them forever!