Is Tinder Good for Finding Serious Relationships?

Online dating has come a long way in the last decade. Once believed to be a taboo, dating through sites and apps is suggested by many. One of the most commonly suggested dating apps is Tinder, making many wonder whether it will help them find serious relationships.

Unfortunately, Tinder isn't the best app for serious relationships. There are plenty of other options out there when you want to start something serious. Here's a look at why Tinder isn't good for your needs.

People There Don't Want Something Serious

The majority of people signing up to Tinder are looking for a fling. They want one-night stands and a little bit of fun. If that's your goal too, then great! But you're looking for something more stable; something that you can have for the years to come. You're not going to find that on this dating app.

Dating isn't like a fairy tale. You're not going to meet someone and instantly make them change their priorities. It's best to go to the best dating apps for serious relationships instead of wasting your time with the bad pennies.

The Focus Is on Looks

Tinder is all about swiping left and right. The only thing you will see of someone else is their looks at first. That's all they see about you. It doesn't matter how great your profile is if you don't have a great profile picture.

This does lead to the wrong message, though. The focus is on the looks, rather than on personality, long term goals, and family life. You don't learn about the likes and dislikes of the person, until both swipe right and you can open up the ability to chat. Looks won't help sustain a long term relationship, making it clear that isn't Tinder's initial aim.

It's Not for Older Generations

Many people in their 20s and 30s will choose to use Tinder. It's designed for quick hook-ups and short-term relationships. The focus is on having a little fun with someone you're physically attracted to.

What if you're over 40 and looking for a second love? As you get older, your life goals change. You don't just want a bit of fun for now. You want fun for the future. Tinder isn't geared towards people who are older.

Remember that it's based on looks. If there are so many under 40s on the site, chances are they are going to swipe left on anyone over 40. Despite your glowing personality and mutual interests, you just don't get the ability to connect. You need to find dating apps that are geared towards people of your age, and there are apps like Tinder for you.

You Need to Keep Your Wits About You

There are many bad reviews about some of the (especially) men on Tinder. They are just after a hook up and will pressurize women into having sex. While there are a few looking for long-term relationships, not everyone is. The view is you need to keep your wits about you.

This is the case with other dating apps. In fact, any of your work and life online should be done with a view that everyone is out to hurt you in some way. That way you can protect yourself from physical, emotional, and financial harm. However, Tinder is one of the worst places.

Tinder can be a good app, but it's not the best for finding serious relationships. The design of the site isn't set up to put likes and interests first. It's all about the looks. There are certainly better options for serious relationships out there.