How to Create a Perfect Dating Profile

Whether you wish to start a serious relationship or even if you just want to have fun, online dating offers you many opportunities. The key to online dating however lies in creating the perfect dating profile, as only a proper profile will attract others to you. In order to create the perfect dating profile you need to start by writing a bio that grabs people's attention. Also, make sure that you attach a few good photographs of yourself that are taken from different angles. And, more importantly you need to make sure that your profile sends out a positive message. Here is how you can create the perfect dating profile.

Pick a nice screen name

Start by choosing a screen name that is simple and yet attention grabbing. You need to choose a screen name that is out of the ordinary. And not like the screen name of anyone else. Also, make sure that your screen name truly reflects who you are and do not use any sexual references in it. Also, make sure that your screen name is not boring. And in fact it pays to play with words and use funny puns to make it really stand out.

Mix your interests with your name

Remember that hybrid names are sure to work for you and so it makes sense to use a screen name that mixes your interests with your name. Secondly, try to avoid adding a number to your screen name, as that will make it look very boring. Never use your full name as your screen name as that could have serious security and safety consequences.

Create a headline

After deciding on a screen name you need to turn your attention to creating a headline that grabs people's attention. Try to keep your headline to about 100 characters and try to use some well-known and famous quotes in the headline. The quote should have some meaning for you and also remember that you don't need to include everything in the headline. When creating your headline try to target it at the kind of people you are looking to date.

Tell your story

After completing your screen name and headline you must then turn your attention to telling a story that expresses your interests in life. Your story should involve details about your personality as well as your hobbies. Try to provide as many details as you can and so if you like to play a game or dance or travel then you should tell a story about the game or dance or travel. You may also want to consider using real life experiences and make sure that your story ends with an attention grabbing line.

Those who want to write very creative stories will do well to tie their bio-data and photographs with the story. You should also try to make your photos represent or illustrate your bio-data. And, when creating a story don't forget to create a list of things you want and also those that you don't want.

Use language that is brilliant

Finally, when creating the perfect dating profile you need to make sure that you use language that is very vivid. Using humor also helps, as most people tend to respond positively to puns as well as jokes. And, when creating your profile you should also be as open and honest as you can about your intentions and use a brief section describing yourself. Keep things as brief as possible as then your profile will work well with mobile apps.