Do Hookup Apps Like SexBadoo Really Work?

Hookup apps or dating sites like SexBadoo (Website url:, have been on the rise in the last decade. And every day they are registering thousands of new users. These new users are both the youngsters and the old people. Amazingly, we have hookup apps that are meant for one night stand and others that are just general where anyone can join and find a partner. But do they really work? Well, that could depend on some factors.

One is the intention of the users, and the other is the nature of the dating apps that you join. Some dating sites are meant to bring two singles together with serious intention to be in a relationship. And other sites are just for those looking for more fun. The later is where you will find sugar daddies looking for college girls, and the former is where you find dating apps for singles. Let`s examine the two.

Tinder-like sex app - SexBadoo

These are the sex apps like SexBadoo, Blendr, Down Dating, Pure where you join just to have fun, and both of you know that it's just fun and nothing more. A good example is SexBadoo where young girls hookup with boys. Here it's just fun and nothing more. Marriages will break up because of these sites. This is in cases where the man has fun with the young lady and forgets that he is married. He leaves the family and starts living with this girl. However, the lady knows she is just after money, and therefore she has a compatible boyfriend on the side. This is just a short time hookup and works just for fun.

Hookup Sites for Singles - Tinder

This is a category of dating sites that are meant for use by young adults looking for partners. A good example is Tinder. With Tinder hookup application, you can look for singles to date just near you and some of the hookups on tinder will be successful. You can look at the person's profile and tell whether you can match or you cannot match. If you like the person, you swipe to the right and to the left if you don't. You can then pursue those on the right and sample each one of them as you chat with them. If you are lucky, you will find a partner and start serious dating which might lead to marriage if all goes right.

Based on the above, we can say that the hookup site like Tinder, works if you meet a partner willing to be in a relationship with you. Some will swipe to the right and find out later that the person does not like them and therefore does not swipe them to the right which is supposed to mean "I accepted you". Therefore, Tinder is a dating app that will work depending on the intention.

From above discussion we can conclude that hookup sites will work where two people are serious about each other and where it's just for fun. It is a material relationship that will end when the two parties are satisfied.

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