Dirty Tinder - 9 Hidden Secrets You Don't Know

Tinder is the most popular app. Millions of people are using the dating app to find the perfect match. However, you do not know that there are many secrets of Dirty Tinder that you might not know about. Get ready because we are going to share some dirty secrets of Tinder with you that no one wants you to know.

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Hotties Always Appear First

Once you have made your profile and you are ready to do some swiping, some of the first people you will see are the hotties who match your requirements. No doubt you will swipe right on those profiles but the chances of matching the individuals will be tough. We all know that hotties are very picky, and they only select the individuals who meet their standards. Once the hotties will be removed, you will get the reality of what it is like to use the Dirty Tinder.

You Will Get No Matches First

It has been found that with the hotties you will get some of the no matches. In the beginning, Dirty Tinder only had hotties to show first but then the added no matches to the mix. The reason is that only having hotties made the people only swipe right and it seemed like finding the perfect one is not difficult anymore. This is the reason they added no match to the equation. In this way, people would have more options to look forward to. They will have to think before swiping to assure that you enjoy dating on Tinder.

Get the People Who Like You After Hotties

Once you are done with the hotties and no matches you will actually come across the individuals who truly likes you. These are some of the individuals who have liked on your profile or the ones that perfectly match with your requirements. These are the people that you should swipe right because chances are you will surely get a reply from them and after that, you can enjoy dating. As the list goes on you will be only seeing the people that liked your profile, it means that there will be no wasting of time. If you want you can like their profile as well.

Everyone Has a Secret Rating

You will be surprised to know but the reality is you have a secret ranking on Tinder that you do not know about. the ranking depends on different factors.

1. It depends on the number of people who like your profile. The more likes you will have the higher ranking you will get.

2. Some say that ranking depends on how you have managed your profile. Your picture and information you have shared matters a lot.

3. Ranking on the profile will help you find the match that has similar raking as you have. In this way finding the right match will be easier.

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Stay Active to Get More

Most of the people think that finding a match on Tinder is a piece of cake. That is why they mostly stay offline and would only come online when they need a date. However, if you want to increase your chances of finding the perfect date, you should stay online. The more time you will spend using the app, the more matches you will get. When you will come online repeatedly, the app will show you new faces every time. The more you will have the better.

Dirty Tinder Does Not Like Desperate People

There are many individuals who are desperate to find a date. They would accept anyone they see on Tinder. It is the biggest mistake that these individuals can make. The reason is that once you will start swiping right on every match that you get, Tinder will detect you as a scam. Tinder has to be a challenge and swiping right means that you are a scammer. There are chances that your profile will be blocked by the developers and you will never find a date. It is better that you do not act desperate and keep your emotions under control.

Location Helps a Lot

If you love to travel, you will find some of the best partners. Your location is detected by Tinder and it will show you the match accordingly. When your location will change you will see new people. It means that you can easily enjoy with the people from different place. It will enhance your dating experience and you never know where you will find the true love. So make sure that you keep changing the location and finding new faces who would like to be with you for dates and relationship.

Dirty Tinder is Watching Your Every Move

Keep that in mind that your every move is detected by Tinder, even the messages that you are sending.

1. When you will wipe left on any match, Tinder will know that what type of people you do not like, and they will show you better matches.

2. While chatting with the individuals who you matched, Tinder will follow your way of talking. In this way, it will find out what type of personality you have.

3. The more challenging you can make it for Tinder by being picky about the selection process. Tinder loves challenges.

Dirty Tinder Has Robots

You might not believe it but there are robots on Tinder. In the beginning, there were some prostitutes that started using Tinder to find partners. However, soon they were taken over by robots. These are actually the profiles that are advertising certain websites. When you will match, swipe right and text that girl, you will get no reply. However, there will be a link is the profile with which you can access another website that will give commission to the developer of the robotic profile.

Make sure that you stay safe on the Dirty Tinder. You can enjoy your time on the app if you use it properly.