Badoo vs Tinder – Which One is Best for Dating

Finding the right dating app starts with understanding the two that are considered the best on the market today, Badoo and Tinder. For those in the US, you may find it surprising that Badoo has been around longer than Tinder by six years. This is because Badoo is more popular in places like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Still, both dating apps have their advantages and disadvantages which is why finding the right one for your needs is so important. While the dating apps are similar in many respects, including the basic format in terms of signing up, posting a profile, and contacting members through chat or messaging services, there are some important differences.

Mobile Device Friendly

One reason Badoo has become so popular is that its app is friendlier to mobile devices and software compared to Tinder. This has been a feature which those outside the US have enjoyed, but it seems now to be catching on in the states. This is not to say that Tinder isn't suited for mobile devices, it's just that Badoo has geared more of what they do towards smartphones and tablets.


The "wink" feature is a common one with most dating apps. Here, Tinder scores points for allowing quick access to the wink so you can alert others in demonstrating how interested you are in them. Badoo is fast in some respects, but Tinder works better in this regard.


This is where the differences between the two apps becomes more pronounced as Badoo is structured more like a social network compared to the focused, streamlined Tinder. While the direction of Tinder may be appealing to many, Badoo manages to be more familiar to social network users and allows its customers to chat or message right away.

With Tinder, there is the process of viewing other users in terms of their photographs first, while Badoo simply gets right to the action. The speed in which Badoo operates means that once you are set up, you are encouraged to mingle right away. This means greater interaction to help you find someone who is interesting beyond their initial photograph.

Other aspects that you may want to consider starts with the relatively ad-free approach of Badoo compared to Tinder. However, Tinder is far better at integrating with your other social networks which can be a real plus if you meet someone you find interesting and want to chat outside of the app. Tinder does work better at letting you specify your sexual orientation which means a better directed search for those you find attractive.

Overall, both dating apps have their advantages and disadvantages which means you may find one more suitable than the other. Badoo is more social, less restrictive, and is arguably more intuitive to use. Tinder is more directed, has useful features, and may provide a better experience for those who find their status to be quite important. So, choosing the one that is right for you means knowing your likes and dislikes while experimenting with both to select the best app for your needs.