7 Tips for Men dating a Woman at 30 Somethings

The good news is that once you have reached your thirtieth birthday you are ready to enter the major league of daters. At this age, both you and your lady date know what they want and they are also aware about who their ideal partner is. You are also at a stage in your life when you know what you expect and the only question remaining unanswered in your mind is what type of woman best suits you. Read on if you are looking for tips for men dating women at 30 somethings.

Different kinds of women

The first thing that you need to do is look at the different kinds of women over the age of 30 you are going to meet. Divorcees are a type of woman that you will certainly come across quite a lot. She will tell you straightaway that she is divorced and that her former husband was a real heel. She is also the right kind of person for men who are looking for revenge sex.

Whom to stay away from?

Secondly, you will come across women whose biological clock is ticking. She is probably the type who wants to get married soon. So, if you are not willing to commit yourself to marriage you should stay away from such women. She is however a good option if you want to flirt because she is the type who will most likely want to flirt with you.

Want to have real fun?

If you want to have real fun then you need to look for women who are on the rebound. These women are always looking for a good time and will be willing to dance, play and even go with you to a football game. She likes spontaneous guys and if you are one who has plenty of patience then this could be the right woman for you.


There are women at the age of 30 somethings who seem to always want to remain single. You will probably come across this kind of woman too. She is the type who will straight off tell you what kind of man she is looking for. If you have plenty of patience then give her a try.

Career women

There are also career women who you will come across. She is the type who gets straight to the point and if you are the type that likes to pamper women, then she is your kind.

How to hook them?

Now that you know what kind of women you will come across; the next thing is how to get them hooked to you. First of all, never try pickup lines as that is for the younger generation. Try to be honest and true to yourself. To get her interested ask her about herself and show interest and be a good listener. Be sure to check out the best dating sites for thirty somethings.

Mistakes you need to avoid making

Also, avoid making these common mistakes. Don't get too cocky with a woman as that seldom improves your chances of getting her interested in you. Also, send her a photograph of yourself that shows that you are keeping pace with the times. Nothing puts a woman off as much as looking at a guy in his thirties who is out of touch with the times. Finally, don't miss out on a perfect dating opportunity. Many men put off asking for a date thinking that the woman will still be around when they are ready to ask for date.